Weaving in the Goodness

When you buy a krama you make a difference. Your krama feeds families. When you buy a krama, you ensure the talented women who weave them are paid well and ethically and have money to support their children and family. Your krama supports villages. One US dollar from every krama goes into a community fund that contributes to improving the living standard of the weaver’s village. This is separate to our charitable donations and is a fund that we manage. Your krama supports charities. We’re partnered with four awesome charities that all endeavor to provide education and develop opportunities for women locally and in Cambodia. This is through paying them to undertake aspects of our work, ie. Sewing labels, offering opportunities to fundraise and making direct donations. Be sure to have a look at their work and you will see why we back them 100%.


It was important to find a charity that Nita could work with that supported her passion, which is education, and we hit the jackpot when we found Flame (http://www.flamecambodia.org/ ). Not only is Flame based in Phnom Penh and does absolutely amazing work but I am proud to say it has New Zealanders at the helm (http://www.flamecambodia.org/meet-our-team/). What we love even more is that they are actively working towards being Khmner (Cambodian) run. Flame work with families to get children from the slums out of collecting rubbish and back into school. It also has a leadership academy which ensures it can nurture and enable their young leaders to meet their potential. These guys are truly good at what they do and their young leaders are incredibly successful. They have a huge support base in New Zealand which we will also be working closely with.  We are excited about the many initiatives we can be part of and the opportunities we may be able to create for the people they work with (http://www.flamecambodia.org/initiatives/).

Home and Family

Home & Family Society has a long and rich history in helping women in Canterbury. Originally established in 1898 as The Society for the Protection of Women and Children, this family-focused forward thinking still drives the society today. Today its work continues to focus on families facing barriers to positive outcomes in their lives through counselling, residential parenting programmes and emergency accommodation. 75% of Home & Family’s adult counselling clients are women and its parenting programme helps keep families together by supporting women to be the best mums they can be. What we love most about the charity is that it stays with families for as long as they need support. Home & Family also has a number of women in key positions which is a bonus.