Giving Seeds of Love

Giving Seeds of Love grew out of a need to take positive and affirmative action after the 15th of March 2019 terror attack. The team mission is to grow meaningful connections on our planet. Wildflowers are used as they symbolise the beauty of diversity. Growing flowers engages us with the something that connects us all – our planet. This range is a series of artwork donated by local artist Sarina Dickson. The artworks are the hands of children from our community. They represent the hands of hope and of our need to create a more inclusive society for our children. The paper used in the seeded hearts come from the thousands of notes, cards, and letters of support and unity expressed after the 15th of March. They were collected from outside Al Noor mosque and Rolleston Avenue and donated to the project. The proceeds from these cards will go towards continuing this project. Giving Seeds of Love is the brainchild of Rebecca Parnham who is one of our co-founders.

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