Giving Seeds of Love – set of 7 cards with seeded hearts


Giving Seeds of Love greeting cards are original artworks by Saina Dickson and are printed in Christchurch. We have 6 artworks 1. Ruby 2. Talia 3. Maia 4. Mae 5. Zahra 6. Aya 7.Olive and Jessica. Seeded hearts are handmade by founder Rebecca Parnham from paper from tributes after the 15th of March 2019. Seeds are wildflowers to represent the beauty of diversity. Card sales go toward our goal or growing meaningful connections on our planet. Purchase includes card, seeded heart and envelope.

For more on the initiative go to @givingseedsoflove on Facebook or Instagram

The artwork is by Sarina Dickson who can be followed or contacted on her Instagram page @creating_in_the_cracks.

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