Ruby – Giving Seeds of Love seeded heart and card


Ruby is full of love, smiles and energy. She has a heart of gold and is a super kind kid. Ruby is a very spirited girl and loves to push the boundaries. This card captures her ‘in your face’ personality as she is the kind of girl who pulls the flowers straight out of the ground and gifts them straight to you.

This card comes with a seeded heart which is full of wildflowers. Wildflowers represent the beauty of diversity. Our aim is to create a more inclusive society where our differences are seen as strengths. Purchasing a card helps us in our goal of ‘growing meaningful connections on our planet’.

We will send you the card with the seeded heart suck on the inside (the colour of the card will be a surprise) and envelope.

For more on the initative go to @givingseedsoflove on Facebook or Instagram

The artwork is by Sarina Dickson who can be followed or contacted on her Instagram page @creating_in_the_cracks.

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