Good goods for good.

I believe that when you give to a woman you give to her child, family and community.

We partner with weavers from rural villages in Cambodia to bring you stunning hand loomed krama (crow-ma). Our profits to support education for girls and opportunities for women in New Zealand and Cambodia through our partner charities.

The krama (meaning scarf in Khmer) is an iconic, traditional Cambodian garment with a rich and beautiful history. Traditionally woven by women, krama are incredibly versatile, and its uses are only limited by your imagination. When you buy a krama it keeps the craft and a local tradition alive.

What we also love is that the weavers can earn an income while caring for their children. Our vision is that women will be economically empowered to make choices and be able to effect change for themselves, their children and their communities.

– Rebecca Parnham
(Co-founder, Krama & Co.)

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Going to Cambodia in 2010 was a life changing experience for my husband and I.  While I stood at the ‘killing tree’ in the Killing Fields I learned of the Khmer Rouge.